A new revolutionary carbon shaft.

The history of cue shaft production begins with the ancient wood handicraft. The twentieth century technologic evolution has affected our trade, too, at first with more complex and elaborate wooden shaft designs and structures, then with the introduction of new materials and manufacturing techniques.

The great innovation took place with the coming of carbon and the first single-component fiber shafts in the eighties: a futuristic, ambitious product that, showing all its limits and defects, did not yet prove completely suitable for the purpose.

But we can now boast a shaft created with a totally new conception, handmade with skill and love as in the best tradition of Italian handicraft.

Our production starts from a careful observation of professional players’ peculiar styles, with the aim to understand and answer their requirements, while another basic point is a constant research and a close scrutiny of materials, with a view to finding ever new solutions. We have thus been able to create new high-performance fiber composite shafts, with a particular conical shape hitherto possible only with wood.

Here are a few statements released by some champions, enthusiastic with the incredible results obtained with our products:

The shaft has a great versatility”.

A great variety of spins can be easily imparted to the ball”.

Deflection reduced to the minimum possible level”.

Pleasantness of sound and feeling to the touch greatly resemble those of wood”.

A matchless product, internationally at a top level”.

A matchless shaft

Why a carbon shaft?

,Santi shafts can be employed in Pool as well as in other international games such as 5 Pins, Goriziana and Three-cushion Carom.

Particular care has been taken to obtain the widest adaptability to the client’s butts, so as not to deprive players of their own cues.

Santi Pool shafts can be supplied with almost any type of joint existing on the market:


WavyUni-loc QRRadial


As regards international specialties, our shafts are supplied with a standard Trick Shot screw joint. Different joints can however be supplied on request, at an extra charge, in which case it might be necessary to send the butt to our workshop to be purpose-tailored.

There are two lengths available: either 29” or 30” (73.66 or 76.20 cm).
The ferrule measures 12,4 mm in diameter while the joint measures 21,5 mm in diameter.

opera puntale da biliardo per pool
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