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The AGIA MARINA POOL SHAFT, inspired by the typical texture of the Agía Marína white marble extracted in Crete, Greece, is the latest significant upgrade in our building experience.

This new composite material is basically made of carbon fiber, enriched with a skilfully combined mixture of other fibers, created on the Santi premises with an innovative pigmentation technique and blended into a special, purposely studied and experimented epoxy resin.

A first class finishing gives the player a feeling of extreme smoothness, even without the use of a billiard glove, recalling the pleasing touch of wood while ensuring the deadly precision that can be achieved only with the best carbon fibers.

The shafts are totally made on the Santi premises and no semifinished tubes of dubious external origin are employed. At Santi’s, cues are entirely manufactured by the firm’s artisans on the Santi premises, with their machinery and employing exclusive property techniques.

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