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Precious Material

An ancient and precious material

The essence of our playing butts derives from incrediby rare  and unique fossil logs, not yet petrified, which date back to between 5000 to 6000 BC. These mineralized logs showcase distinctive characteristics of the wood; they  assume a particular elasticity, coloring and texture that is impossible to reproduce artificially.

The charm of a material born in tne mist of time is enhanced with modern design, technology, materials and manofacturing techniques.


The mostly moist, gravelly and clayey, deep and fertile soils that usually lie above groundwater are the most suitable habitats for the growth of the oak forest.

Variations in the water in the ground, floods, are all conditions that particularly favor the growth of this noble tree, especially near rivers. In its winding course, a river often erodes the banks covered with these forests, nearby trees fall into the river and are washed away into the water. When the trunk is trapped by its branches and roots in the river bed, over time it becomes covered with layers of sediment, sand and gravel. Thus deprived of oxygen, the wood begins the slow process of fossilization that lasts thousands of years. No more ordinary wood, not fossil stone yet, but an extremely hard and robust material that can still be worked by expert hands.

New Santi Butts

Tree trunks, deposited in the riverbeds underneath water and earth since long gone times, wonderful oaks of 5,000 years ago, no longer young wood but not yet fossil stone dug up and brought to new life, the Bog Oak is an amazing material with unique characteristics and qualities, a real gift from Nature.
Our new butts, made with this unique material, are a stunning instrument allowing the player unparalleled thrust, balance, and precision. Their perfect coupling with Santi Shafts ensures a matchless feeling.

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