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Top level technologies along with the best Italian design have supplied our artisans with amazing instruments, leading to the creation of a new shaft with unique features.

OPERA, the New Shaft
A concurrence of incredible peculiarities greatly improves the player’s shot feeling and enhances the competitive level. The stroke is more precise now, strength can be controlled as never before, and the cue-ball can be set in motion with a stunning higher accuracy.

Deflection has been reduced to the lowest possible minimum. The particular ‘taper-pro’ shape along with a knowledgeable weight distribution allow the shaft to deflect at the moment it strikes the ball, thus avoiding any lateral push to the ball. This shaft deflection permits the cue-ball to maintain its rectilinear motion, thus resulting in an ultra-low cue-ball deflection.

With a matchless beauty of sound, the stroke is soft and conveys a pleasant sensation of self-confidence to the player. The new OPERA shaft is recognizable by its harmonious sound, without the hard clang of carbon or graphite. Moreover, the vibrations transmitted to the player’s hand and arm are reduced to the minimum, thus contributing to the ideal conditions for a troublefree stroke.

Manufacturing Technique
Thanks to the state-of-the-art stratified lamination process, the shaft is perfectly homogeneous from tip to joint, perfectly rectilinear in its axis, and perfectly round at any point, with a maximum tolerance of 3/100 to 5/100 mm (values often beyond measuring possiblility with traditional methods).
The choice of materials is the result of in-depth studies and technical tests, with the contribution of some of the best professional champions.

Employ Versatility
The new OPERA shaft can be supplied with almost any type of joint existing on the market. Either of the two universally used lengths, 29” or 30”, is available. The ferrule measures 12.4 mm in diameter while the joint measures 21.5 mm in diameter.
Players are therefore offered the possibility to combine their personal butt with the new OPERA shaft, thus enjoying the maximum quality and the widest versatility, without being subject to brand obligations or constrictions, no longer acceptable nowadays.

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